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    Mike and Angie - Mike ran the Voyager 50 mile trail race - OUCH! They were great guests. #OHguests ...

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    Emma Deaner and Alex Piazza
    #OHguests #OHfrontpage #OHbreakfast

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    Chris, Amanda and . . . Sukie - what’s she doing at the breakfast table! Our latest guests our wonderful peeps! #oldenburghouse #OHbreakfast #OHguests ...

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    Catherine and Josh on Carlton Trail over a weekend B&B stay. We had a great time together ! #oldenburghouse #OHguests ...

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    What a wonderful surprise to have Milton and Ann with us last night and this morning as our most recent bed and breakfast guests. To have immediate connection and evolving friendship occur so effortlessly provides evidence there is an Unseen Hand behind all that we do! We miss them already and anxiously await their return.

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    Great people continue to find their way to Oldenburg- Chuck and Vicki - our newest best friends! #OHguests #oldenburghouse ...

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    Helen, Emily and Yong saw Glenn trying to introduce Emily - after her short piano recital- to the joy of playing drums! Join all of us at our next Cookin' At The O jazz dinner weekend - tickets available at #OHguests ...

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    Eric and London from the twin cities spent a couple days with us - these are our kinda of people. They are coming back the same weekend next September- Yay!!!!! #OHguests ...

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    Oscar, Adela, Berenice and Oscar Jr - wow what a great time we had with this family. #OHguests ...

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    Tim and Brian Pieh cycled in last night. Wonderful people! They had dinner last night at the Streetcar and are off on the trail after breakfast. #OHguests ...

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