Info & FAQs

Weddings 2023


Option One –
Full Weekend for up to 144 Participants: $12,000

Option Two –
Full Weekend for up to 200 Participants: $14,000

Hosting Dates

Oldenburg House hosts weddings from May 15th to October 15th.

Oldenburg House reserves its property for your wedding within a four day block of time; two days prior to your wedding date, the wedding & reception day, and the day thereafter.  Typically our weddings are held on Saturdays which means Thursday afternoon until Sunday noon we here for you and your people.

Guest List Size

Oldenburg House can accommodate up to 200 guests in our outdoor ceremony and reception sites. The indoor dining space seats 30 guests for a rehearsal dinner or a wedding party brunch. In the event of rain or poor weather conditions, we utilize the reception tent as our backup location for the ceremony.


Oldenburg House

Overnight accommodations are available for up to 10 people. The Oldenburg, Jay Cooke, and Morning Glory Suites are available for up to 6 guests during the contracted period. Each offers a queen bed and a bathroom. We also offer a sleeping porch for 2 guests and an outdoor yurt for 2 guests but require bathroom(s) of suites to be shared as they do not have their own bathrooms.


Local Lodging Resources

Accommodations for wedding guests can be found at several local hotels,
resorts and campgrounds, with many more offered in nearby Duluth, MN.

  • Best Western – Spirit Mountain
  • America’s Best Value Inn Duluth Spirit Mountain
  • Spirit Mountain Villas
  • Mont Du Lac Resort – RV camping, cabins, and rental houses
  • Royal Pines Inn
  • First American Hotel & Suites
  • Black Bear Casino Resort
  • Jay Cooke State Park – RV camping, campsites, and camper cabins
  • Cloquet/Duluth KOA Journey – RV camping, campsites, and camper cabins

Note: Oldenburg House will also arrange shuttles for guests to nearby hotels for a modest fee.

What We Provide

One white Charnecke sectional pole tent and sidewalls installed - 40’x80’ or 40’x100’ as the reception guest list requires.

Lighting for Tent:
installation of up to 500 feet of cafe lights for tent

Tent Flooring (20’x40’):
for presentation and/or dance floor installed as per customers tent floor plan

Natural wood or white padded folding chairs for the wedding ceremony and reception

15 cedar benches, each 8 feet long - use determined by client

Banquet and Round Tables:
Dining Tables: Eight-foot banquet tables or 5’ rounds for dining - any combination of up to 25 tables: quantity determined by reception size based on eight guests per table. Gifts/Dessert/Other Tables: Six 8’ banquet tables and 5’ rounds / any combination for cakes, gifts, presentations, catering needs, etc.

Cocktail High-Top Tables:
Ten 3’ round cocktail or dinner tables 30 Chiavari chairs for indoor/outdoor use

Sound System:
PA system and microphones w/stands for officiant and marriage vows during the ceremony. The sound system may also be used for music during the ceremony if requested. (This sound system is not designed for a live band. A live band requires an additional fee for set up and additional audio equipment.

Oldenburg House provides a licensed and insured bartender, bar, refrigerators, and ice. Note: The wedding party provides alcohol, mixers, soft drinks, glassware, and proof of event liability insurance (available from All unused alcohol is returned to the wedding party after the event. Oldenburg house can provide a bartender with expertise to discuss needed materials based on the wedding size.

Executive Outdoor Restrooms
Flush porta-potties will be brought in and made available on the grounds for wedding guests, including one accessible porta-potty. Indoor bathroom access is available for elderly guests on the first floor. Use of bathroom facilities in the second-floor suites is limited to overnight guests using those rooms.

Waste Service:
Waste bins and dumpsters are included. We offer recycling, composting, and trash services and encourage couples to minimize their waste as much as possible.

Parking is available on the property for up to 8 vehicles. All other vehicles can be parked across the street in the Bethesda Evangelical Lutheran Church. Parking coordination is provided to assist guests with access to nearby parking areas.

Saturday Light Breakfast:
Yogurt, fruit, coffee, muffins, and champagne for the wedding party on the day of the wedding.

Sunday Brunch:
Breakfast for up to eight wedding party guests the day after the wedding.


Bean bag, bocce, and croquet games to set up on the grounds

Bar and outside refrigerator

Various serving pieces and décor

First Aid and Repair kit - scissors, thread, tape, stain removal, etc.

Caterers have access to water in the Oldenburg House kitchen and refrigeration is available in the basement and outdoors.

Not Provided

Food for the rehearsal dinner

Food for the reception dinner

Table cloths/linens, glassware, cutlery, and table décor

Wedding signs/directional signage

Barware, liquor, garnishes, etc

Staging and sound system for live bands (please note live bands differ from the provided sound system and microphones for the reception and pre-recorded music)


What additional services do you offer?

Parking Coordinator for valet parking additional cars nearby. Fee:$100
Sound system for wedding reception dance should a marriage couple decide they wish to create their own downloaded playlist for dancing. Fee: $150
Lower ground level fire pits- No charge.
Cliff-side fire pit extravaganza- Fee: $250 Wedding Shuttle Service to Hotels. Fee: modest

Can we hold the wedding ceremony anywhere on the property?

Yes. Typically, the wedding ceremony is held at the Morning Glory Pool patio/grotto, but there are other areas on the property that lend themselves as a hosting space for your wedding ceremony. In the event of rain or poor weather conditions, we utilize the reception tent as our backup location for the ceremony.

Can we bring in our own food?

No, food must be supplied by a professional caterer of Oldenburg House. We have excellent catering partners from across the Northland for you to choose from. We can email this to you upon request.

Do you have any local florists you recommend?

Yes, we have several excellent local florists we can recommend. We can emai lthis list to you upon request.

Do you have any local bakers you recommend?

Yes, we have a wonderful local baker we can recommend. We can email their information to you upon request.

Do you have any local makeup artists and hairdressers that you recommend?

Unfortunately, we do not have a list of local hair and makeup artists. We recommend searching online for someone that fits your needs and budget best.

Can we use our own decor?

Yes, you can customize the ceremony site and grounds to your heart’s desire provided that any existing decor is not damaged in the process. We ask that you do not use glue or nails. We do not provide décor.

How does music and audio work?

You can bring in your equipment or we can provide our portable speakers at the ceremony site, the patio and reception area. Glenn will work with your sound engineer as needed.

Can we have bonfires?

Yes, we have many great fire pits including ground-level and cliffside fire pits. The ground pits can be lit for no extra charge but the cliffside fire pits need extra attention and require a staff member to set up, light, replenish, monitor, and extinguish the fire for an extra fee of $250. Weddings are not allowed to use the fire pits on their own.

How do you keep children safe?

Children are allowed if they are supervised at all times by a designated childcare adult who is not a member of the wedding party. We will meet with your designated childcare person before the wedding to review our children's safety requirements.

Can we have our dog in our ceremony?

Yes, dogs are welcome, and our dog Sukie is very friendly with other dogs.

Is smoking allowed?

No. Smoking is not allowed on Oldenburg House grounds. Smoking is allowed outside the venue in designated areas but not by the entrance to the house or grounds.

Are firearms or fireworks allowed?

No weapons, firearms, fireworks, Chinese lanterns, or sparklers of any kind are not allowed at Oldenburg House under any circumstances.

How late can the wedding party go?

The City of Carlton’s policy is that there can be no unnecessary noise after 11pm. All amplifying sound equipment must be turned off at 11pm, and wedding guests must depart by midnight.

Can any guests set up tents and camp on the property overnight?

No, Oldenburg house is not a licensed campground and cannot allow tents on the property. There are several campgrounds nearby at Jay Cooke State Park or the KOA campground.

How does setup and teardown work?

We set up the tent, tables, chairs, and lights. Most of our wedding parties set up and breakdown all other aspects of the site themselves, or have their vendors take care of it. This includes clearing table settings and decorations. We can provide set-up and clean-up support at $40/ hour if needed. The site needs to be restored to its original condition by 11 am on Sunday. We can make arrangements with your vendors for later equipment pick­up if required.

How do you handle recycling and trash?

We work with vendors who compost, recycle or carry out what they bring in. Our trash and recycling bin systems are placed in high-traffic areas across the grounds. We recommend using reusable service ware (reusable dishes, cutlery, cloth napkins, etc.) or BPI-certified single-use compostable cups, napkins, plates, and cutlery to reduce waste.

Typical Wedding Day Timeline

Breakfast for Wedding Party
10 am
Hair and Make-up
11 am - 1 pm
1-2 pm
First Look, Photos
2-3 pm
Guests Arrive
3 pm
3:30-4:15 pm
Receiving Line, Cocktail Hour, Chair Move
4:15-5:15 pm
Dinner, Toasts
5:30 pm
Cake Cutting
7:00 pm
7:30 pm
Fires lit
8:00 pm
Lake Night Snacks
9:30 pm
Amplified Sound Ends
11:00 pm
Shuttle Service
11:30 pm